I’m very excited to announce that we are coming out with a new podcast called “THIS IS REAL” podcast, with the words “HONEST – PROVOKING – TRUTH.”  (The reason I wrote “HONEST and SCARY” in the headline is that this is a little scary!)  We are moving into a new area – an area we haven’t been in before – but an area we feel strongly that God has called us to – and we know the reactions to this podcast are going to be very divided!

Some people will say, “Finally, somebody dared to speak up!”  Many people will love it, and it will bring freedom to even more!  But, we also know there will be a big group of people out there who will fight against it – who will NOT love it.  They will say, “Why are you doing this?”

What we’re going to do in this new podcast, is that we’re going, to be honest.  Not that we’ve been dishonest before, but there are things we’ve only shared in our team, with people amongst us that we know, and with people at our schools – but now we feel it’s time to go public with these things.  We are going to speak the truth in areas the church needs to hear.  This also means there are things we will point out that we see as deception in the church. 

We’re even, in some cases, going to use names.  Why?  Because somebody needs to do it.  We have so many fake prophets and fake teachers and fake “Christians” out there doing ministry – who are living in sin – who are preaching a false gospel – and there’s no one saying anything.  Or yes, sometimes there is somebody saying something, but it’s often a camp who’s against EVERYTHING – a camp who doesn’t heal the sick and doesn’t cast out demons – who’s against EVERYTHING that has to do with deliverance or healing or anything like that. 

But they’re NOT the only ones who are seeing what’s going on.  We are also seeing it, and it’s time to speak up!  It’s time, to be honest, and speaks the truth when it comes to some of the deliverance ministries out there – some of the prosperity gospel – some of the faith movement – some of the heretics we’re seeing who are destroying the church!

So, be ready for when the first podcast is launched this weekend!  And be ready when we go LIVE for the first time, Monday of next week!  From now on, there will be two podcasts per week.  The first podcast will come out on Friday, where we will talk about the movie The American Gospel (the good and bad in the movie, and the deception we see in both camps.)  Then we will go LIVE Monday of next week, where you can join us with your questions and your comments, and we will continue talking about The American Gospel movie. 

Next week, we’re going to look at the prosperity gospel, and we will do the same thing, coming out with the first program before the weekend so you can have time to watch it over the weekend.  Then you can join us for the second podcast LIVE Monday the week after, where we will talk about Friday’s program, and you can come with your questions and comments whether you agree or disagree. 

We are very, very excited about this podcast!  We’ve experienced a lot of attack leading up to it, but we’ve also experienced beautiful confirmations, and we KNOW God has called us to speak up! 

In the first program, we will really share our heart in it, and why we’re doing it the way we are – so I really strongly encourage you to see the first podcast coming up this weekend!  More information will come out about it later.  The podcast will be able to be found on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and so on!

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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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