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The testimonies are so many! The last weeks have just been amazing, when we think of the testimonies of what God is doing!

We have seen the lame walk, blind see, cancer healed, people born again, people trained, people equipped… We have seen so many things these last weeks, and the testimonies just keep coming in!

This LIVE video is from today at our Kickstart at the Jesus Center in Orlando. You can see the power of God in people’s eyes… You can hear testimonies of the healings… There are so many things to share, just from the last two days here!

Next week, we will come out with more videos, and in a few weeks we will do a roadtrip across America where we expect even more things will happen!

I want to encourage you… this is for you! This is for all of us! Time is short! Time is short! Let’s live this life! Let’s do what Christ has called us to do – make disciples, see fruit happen!


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Want to know how to live this life too?

You will love this video! Just try to see the first minute, and you will want to see more! This everyday life led by the Holy Spirit is also for you!

‘When these pieces came together the productivity of fruit in my life exploded.’
Jeremy wrote a testimony.