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Kickstart Package or Kickstart?

Kickstart Package or Kickstart?

We are so excited for the amazing fruit that we see from the Kickstart Weekends all over the world and how they are transforming people’s lives. And how they are transforming even Churches, just like you can see in the video below.

Here a whole church got transformed, the Pastor got baptized, and they are now changing the way they are doing church and will go and start small groups. This is so beautiful!

If you have the opportunity to come and join a Kickstart near you, we would love to see you. Keep your eyes on, where there are often new Kickstarts. For example, in California, a new Kickstart will come at the beginning of the year in the southern part of California.

However, you don’t need to wait for a Kickstart Weekend. You can host your Kickstart by using the Kickstart Package. That is amazing too, because we don’t have the opportunity to go everywhere to do a Kickstart.

This Kickstart Package is seven videos where you get all the teaching for a Kickstart Weekend. The Package comes with leaders book along with a workbook. Of course, it is not the personal contact you get in a Kickstart Weekend. This allows you to host it where you are, such as in your living room. You can invite people over to your home, and you can be the host. Use this tool to reach out to other’s around you just like other people have done.

Below are some testimonies from Jeff and Diana in Pennsylvania and Pavlo down in Houston.

Testimony from Pennsylvania

Jeff and Diana Ellis hosted a Kickstart in a conference center in downtown Butler, PA. This was the first time they used the Kickstart Package in a seminar-type event vs. a home setting. They utilized the Kickstart Package videos, engaging the workbooks. There were about 25 people in attendance, two  of the attendees got baptized, and several received prayer and personal ministry.  Jeff stated, “we learned that anyone could do a Kickstart using this package. However, if you have more than four attendees, it is good to have other disciples present to minister alongside you. Overall, for our very first Kickstart, I believe this was a successful event!”

Jeff and Diana plan to follow up with several people for Bible Discovery Groups and do more Kickstarts.

Testimony from Houston

Pavlo Savitski, a previous Luke 10 student (October – November), held his Kickstart at home using the Kickstart Package. Pavlo said, “using the Kickstart Package to host my Kickstart was extremely simple yet powerful. The video teachings along the Kickstart Package workbook are very intuitive to use, and the message is conveyed in a very effective way making lasting impressions on the audience.” 

Pavlo reached out to a church to host a Kickstart, but the church declined to use one of their rooms but trusting in God to lead him to invite people to the Kickstart regardless, he knew that God would provide.  For the first night of the Kickstart, one of his friends opened their homes to host the Kickstart Package.

On the first night, they had thirteen people join, and on the second night, they had about half the group with one person in attendance who got baptized. With the smaller crowd on the second night, the group could have a more intimate discussion.

Hilda, the sister who got baptized, received the Holy Spirit years ago and spoke in tongues. Still, after watching the New Birth lesson, the Holy Spirit convicted her that she needed to get baptized in water with complete repentance and understanding that baptism is not just a symbol.

Pavlo said that “all of us were already kickstarted, but some had minimal experience in sharing the gospel, so we got to disciple them by demonstrating the gospel and witnessing to all of the families, as well as praying over them. It was so beautiful how God orchestrated that entire afternoon.”

These are just a few of the many testimonies that we have received! If you can’t join a Kickstart Weekend we highly recommend that you go through the Kickstart Package and invite your friends, family and neighbors to get Kickstarted with you Today!

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