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I’ve been thinking about this as I’m driving the car in America. There’s a radio program called KLOVE – Christian radio, and what they often say is, “POSITIVE AND ENCOURAGING,” and that is the only thing you hear on this radio station. It’s very positive and it’s just there to encourage you. It’s all good all the time. When you hear this station, you FEEL “positive and encouraging”, and that is the concept – that is the idea.

There’s no talk about sin like that – like we see in the Bible.
There’s no talk about remorse/repentance.
There’s no talking about the TRUTH.
It’s all about feeling good here and now, on this side of eternity.
There is nothing about that we on this side of eternity will go through a lot of suffering for the name of Jesus Christ, and that those who do will ONE DAY be saved
– and ONE DAY get the crown of righteousness
– and ONE DAY there will be no more pain and no more suffering!

It makes me think how this is so DANGEROUS
– to just speak positive and speak like everyone who is listening to this program is already saved
– like everything is good
– like everyone is already where they are spiritually.

As positive and encouraging as it is, it’s just leading many people astray, because people think, “All is good! Jesus is with me,” when He’s not! He’s NOT with everyone who’s listening to this program.
He’s NOT with everyone who’s listening to this program. There are people who should NOT be just positive and encouraging! There are people who should see and know that they are living in sin.
– that they are under the wrath of God
– they are divided from God and they need to turn away from their sins
– and they need to stop doing what they’re doing
– they need to change their life
– and it’s NOT all positive
– it’s NOT all encouraging!

And it’s NOT only on this radio program we see this – it’s also what we see in the churches today.

So my question to you and everyone out there is, “Do you want positive and encouraging
– or do you want the TRUTH, even when the truth hurts
– even when the truth maybe makes you sad
– even if the truth is not always easy to receive?”
I know what I want. I want the TRUTH. Why? Because the TRUTH (not “positive and encouraging”) is what lasts into eternity!

Think of this the next time you hear the radio program or visit a church. “What do you want?”

Everything in this world is going to be burned up in flames!
Make sure you are born again!
Make sure you are bearing fruit!
Make sure that you are where you’re supposed to be!

To some of you out there I like to say:
– I want to encourage you and say, “Keep going! Keep running! You are where you are supposed to be!”

But to the rest of you out there, it is time to review your life
– time to turn away from what you have been doing! It’s time to prioritize different!
It’s time to change everything
– time to be BORN AGAIN!

God bless you all out there!

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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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