We are living in a time where the truth is under attack – a time where we are being censored more and more – and there will be a time in the future where you cannot go on YouTube – you cannot go on Facebook – you cannot receive the teaching anymore.  So, therefore, we really encourage you to use this time to fill yourself up with the Word of God – with the teaching – with the online Pioneer School we have that has blessed thousands of people all over the world – or the new online series The Call of Jesus. 

What’s happening these days, is that the Danish government is doing a rescript of the online Pioneer School.  Why?  Why are they writing everything down that I am saying?  Because that is a way they can put it in a database and then later search by words, such as homosexuality, abortion, etc… and find out exactly who is saying what, and then they can come after those people. 

It’s already a law in Denmark that all priests/pastors in the organized church must send in their sermons to the Danish government.  But now, not only do you have to send in the sermons – they are also doing scripts of our videos on YouTube, to check what we are saying.  This is just crazy.  And this is just the beginning – the beginning of a time in the future where we are not allowed to say it as it is.  And be sure that in time, the BIBLE will also be banned. 

So I encourage you – TAKE THE TIME to receive the Word!  TAKE THE TIME to see the online Pioneer School and The Call of Jesus.  Read the Bible!  Understand the simple truth and OBEY it!  Build yourself up to be strong in the LORD, so when that time comes you will have the Word of God inside you, and NOTHING and NOBODY can take that away! 

I hope you are doing good, all of you out there!  I wanted to share this with you because a few days ago I found out how the Danish government was doing a rescript of my videos, and to be honest it shocked me.  It shocked me that we have come to that point already, but I know this is just the beginning of the censorship we are seeing.  I also see it on Facebook and YouTube, that our channels are being censored, and there aren’t as many views anymore. 

I’m doing this newsletter to remind you that we still have the online Pioneer School which has helped thousands of people, and you can see the school below:

We also have the online series The Call of Jesus, and we have the movies.  We have so many resources out there which are still available.  We don’t know how long they will be available, but right now they are, and we encourage you, if you haven’t gone through them yet, then go through them while there is still time.

Besides this, I also want to say that we are now on a road trip across America again – this time moving to California – and it has been beautiful with meetings in different places on the road!  I’ve given out different videos, and you can see one of the videos here:

The other day we baptized 15-20 people on the back of two trucks, and it was beautiful!  People got healed and filled with the Holy Spirit, and many house fellowships are starting!  I did a LIVE video from the baptism.  If you haven’t seen it, then I recommend you see this video because here you can see the joy and excitement – and you can hear the testimonies – and you can see the power in the Gospel!  See it here:

If you somehow missed how God called us to California, then you can see that here:

In a few days, we will arrive in California and be ready for a new adventure of what God will do there!  God bless you all out there!  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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