People have just been celebrating Passover/Easter all over the world, and we have been hearing the words “He has risen,” and yes, indeed He’s risen, but what does that mean for us?  Many people don’t understand what it truly means that Jesus has risen.  How does that influence our life? 

I went to an Easter service in America for the first time yesterday.  I had never been to church on Easter before, because personally I’m not into all of those traditions, as I know its root, but I love Jesus, and I want to celebrate HIM – and we can ALWAYS celebrate that He has risen!  But yesterday I went, and it became very, very powerful! 

I saw a girl there with crutches, and I knew this was her day.  This was her day!  As soon as the meeting was over, I went down and prayed for her, and she got healed!  She got set free!  She got filled with the Holy Spirit, and her life got changed!  And I got it on video.  At the beginning of this video, the priest says, “Walk in the resurrection power!”  But what does that indeed mean? 

There were a few thousand people in the church that day.  Many could have prayed for her.  Many could have set her free.  Many could have helped her, but they didn’t.  Why?  Because many don’t understand what it means to walk in the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are here to help you out there to walk the life Christ has called you to.  See the video here from Sunday:

If you want to learn more about how you can walk this life, we still recommend you go in and see our Kickstart Package.  It is seven lessons that can truly transform your life, where we take you through the foundations of what you need to be a disciple of Christ.  You can see them here:


We are so thankful for our feedback from our THIS IS REAL podcast.  Many lives have been changed through the podcast.  The last one we gave out was about the freedom there is from porn and sin.  No, it’s not only about porn.  It’s about all kinds of wrong.  Because He has risen, we today can get a new life and be free from sin!  Have you not seen that last podcast?  We recommend you see it here:

Besides that, things are going well all over the world.  Many Kickstarts are happening all over the world, also in Europe, we are seeing many things starting, both with meetings and also with PTS Schools and other things, and in Canada, and yea in Australia!…  It is so beautiful what God is doing all over the world through!

This week in California, we have set up our big tent again, where we will have four days with tent revival, Kickstart, meetings, teaching, training, and fellowship.  We really recommend you come!  People are driving far to come and be with us.  People are flying in.  So come and join us for four days!  We have room at the camp for people to stay also.  You can see more here.

Many of you know that we are going through some hard times.  Many are talking about food shortages that are coming.  There is a war in Ukraine.  Many things are happening.  People ask me why I don’t speak more about it to prepare people for what is coming.  I genuinely believe that the best preparation we can do is to keep our eyes on Jesus and live close to Him and listen to what the Spirit is saying because it IS going to be crazy.  And I truly believe that sitting on YouTube and seeing all the videos is NOT the best way to prepare yourself for what is coming.  The best way is to be in the Word – to look at Jesus – and serve Him – and see how He will lead you, guide you, and tell you what YOU need to do in the season we are heading into. 

A few days ago, God spoke very clearly to us about what we should do in the next half-year, and the day after, He confirmed it in such a beautiful way.  And we got another beautiful testimony of God’s guidance.  You cannot make those stories up.  It is so beautiful, and I will share more about that in our following newsletter, where we will tell about what we are going to do after we finish school here at the end of May.

God bless you all out there!  Live close to Jesus!  Be faithful in what God has given you!  And one day soon, we will meet our Lord face to face!

You are welcome to reach out to us if there is anything we can do.  Please help us get the podcast out to as many as possible, as this is truly transforming many people’s lives.  

God bless you all!

Torben Søndergaard  

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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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