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A few weeks ago we had our big revival tent up again, and it was very special because it has now been one and a half years since we actually went down with the tent.  A big storm came and took the tent down, five people ended up at hospitals, many people got hurt, and there was a moment when it happened where I thought, “God, where are You?  How can this happen?”  BUT, God WAS THERE, and it became a very powerful testimony for all of us, of HIS FAITHFULNESS, even those who got hurt!  And since that moment, we have always had a special connection with the tent, because it brings us back to a moment we will never forget!  So, to have the tent up again, and to preach the Word there, and to see lives being changed there again – it was SO powerful!  I did a video where I tell about what happened one and a half years ago.  You can see that video here:

We have done many videos these last days which have touched many people’s lives.  I did a video where I talk about HURT – and about how a woman came up to me asking for forgiveness because she had been speaking badly about me – and about how she got set free afterwards!  That has opened my eyes that there are SO MANY people out there who are hurt – who have been hurt by the church, or maybe been hurt by me.  We often hurt people without knowing it, because of wrong expectations.  I did a video about that the other day, and you can see that video here:

But I know this is a subject we want to cover more, so in a few weeks when we give out the last podcast of this season, we will talk more about HURT, CHURCH HURT, and how you can manage to keep your heart PURE and not get BITTER.  The podcast has really been amazing, and we love it!  It has reached out to many people, and many have written to us about how their lives have been changed through the podcast!  The latest one we did was about PORN, and about FREEDOM FROM SIN, and the next one we’re coming out with this week is about BAPTISM, where we talk about the POWER in baptism, and NOT “baptismal regeneration.”  I think this podcast is my favorite one.  Some of the things shared there are so powerful and so beautiful!  So be ready to see that podcast when it comes out this week!  Have you not followed the other podcasts?  You can do that at the links below:

I’ve also just given out a video about a deliverance and healing, and about how a paramedic came running because he thought there was something wrong when he heard a woman screaming.  But, nothing was wrong – it was just a demon!  That video was just this week where we went to a big event in Los Angeles.  I believe God has been speaking to me that I want to do more videos like this one, where I show the life OUT THERE, taking people with me out on the street and showing what God is doing.  See that video here:

Be FAITHFUL with what God has given you!  And I want to also remind you that there are many Kickstarts coming up all over the world, and many new schools are starting all over the world as well!  Go to and find a Kickstart or a school near you!  Some of the schools around Europe are English-speaking also, so even if you don’t find a school in your country, consider going to another country to join!  The schools out there are truly transforming many people’s lives!  One of the new schools coming up now is in Spain, and we have two video trailers about this school you can see here:

(Spanish version)

We as a family are doing well!  We look forward to ending this school next week and having a few weeks off.  Then afterward, we will go into a new season – a season I believe will be very fruitful!  But as I said, much more about that later!  God bless you all out there!  Keep it SIMPLE!  Stay TRUE to the CALL OF JESUS CHRIST, and let’s continue MAKING DISCIPLES!

We are very excited about what God is doing, and for this next season we are entering into!  We have the graduation from our Luke 10 School coming up here next week, and then it will be a new season for us because we will not be doing another school in the fall.  Instead, we will be doing something else!  I’m so excited to tell more about that in our next newsletter!  Until then, God bless you! 

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We believe that what we read in the book of Acts is also for today and that we need to come back to the simple disciple life the first Christians had.

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