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Two Filipino sisters

Two Filipino sisters

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On the same occasion, me and fellow disciples (a couple) received a message from 2 other disciples living in Norway, connecting us to 2 Filipinas (they are sisters) who wanted to start a life with Jesus as born again Christians. We’re in Manila and they are in Cebu, need to fly in to meet them in person. But due to current situation, we cannot. But again God is not limited by distance nor situation. We met them thru messenger and shared the Gospel and testimonies. We know that is the will of God and they’re a person of peace once the Spirit speaks the same. The elder sister already fully repented and received the Holy Spirit got baptized in water in Jesus’s Name in the presence of her Christian parents who assisted us in the actual baptism. Total freedom and new life has begun. She’s really on fire and ready.

The following day, the younger sister has already repented, received a new heart and was also baptized with the Holy Spirit!! Hallelujah!!!

She understood the Word and want to respond fully to the Gospel… so this is to be continued as she still in prayer about her baptism in water.

Despite of the very poor connection God made a way for us to hear each other. This is GOD’s work. All Glory and Honor to God! More for JESUS!

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