Praying for co-worker at workplace.

Praying for co-worker at workplace.

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It has been an eventful few days. God set it up for me to witness to three people at my workplace. I heard the Lord say to my spirit last Wednesday that He wants to heal my co-workers back. I asked her about her back issues and found out that she is scheduled to have surgery on 17 March. I prayed and asked the Lord to set up the circumstances so I could pray for her back uninterrupted. That day I went to the office where her husband works and he was alone. He asked me a question that opened the door for me to share my testimony. Then the next day God set it up so I had time with my co-worker. I was sharing my testimony with someone else and I saw her going to her office at lunch-time. After I finished talking with him I went into the office where she was sitting (my desk is in that office as well). I then knew that God had created just the right opportunity. I prayed for her back 4 times and her pain went down from level 4 or 5 down to zero. The other co-worker walked in to witness it. I believe that there will be more opportunities to share with her and her husband. The other co-worker came to our house last night and we shared the gospel and what God is doing in our lives. He is coming back for discovery Bible studies. He is definitely a person of peace. Also, we found out that he is close friends with the co-worker whose back I prayed for and her husband! Lord, give us your next steps! Praise Jesus!

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