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Please pray for us as we don’t have other disciples living near to help us!

Please pray for us as we don’t have other disciples living near to help us!

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I was taught what it means to repent and led through a prayer of repentance and delivered of at least two unclean spirits on the 20th of June, 2020. I was baptized in the Spirit as I was confessing sins and started speaking in new tongues. A week later I repented more and was delivered of the external oppression of the same spirits that were inside of me a week before. It felt like I was born again again! It was so amazing and freeing.

My wife was broken and then repented toward God that same day. We were both baptized in water into the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and began this amazing journey together on the 27th of June. We have several amazing brothers and sisters but they all live away from us and are busy with ministries/fellowships of their own. My wife and I are learning, praying, fellowshipping, and going through the online Pioneer school together. I have shared my testimony with several people and have been able to share the gospel with a few people. We believe God is going to do something amazing in our subdivision!

I am drafting a letter inviting people to repent and follow Jesus with us, that we will deliver to our neighbors. We have prayed for a few people at my workplace, in the city park, and two in my subdivision and plan to go out more. I have even seen a few people healed by the Lord Jesus.

Please pray for us as we don’t have other disciples living near to help us and we are asking the Lord to use us to make disciples. We are learning to rely on the Holy Spirit to teach us and learn what we can through watching TLR videos.

I pray all of you are blessed in the Lord. You are God’s masterpieces! Grace and Peace to you in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

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