Our God is Lord over COVID-19!

Our God is Lord over COVID-19!

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On December 24, 2020, I phoned a friend and heard that she was not feeling well. She had all the symptoms of the pandemic and was really feeling under the weather. I asked if I could pray for her and in the Name of Jesus commanded the illness the leave her body. That same evening she let me know that she felt so much better and the next morning I received a message from her saying: “Healed”.
A couple of days later we heard that a nephew of my wife was in hospital in a serious condition due to COVID. He couldn’t speak and needed oxygen. He hasn’t eaten in a long time. He had oxygen at home, so the hospital asked him to go home. We phoned his wife the same day and asked if we could pray for him. Once again we commanded healing over his whole body from head to toe in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. That evening his wife called and said that he had asked her for something to eat. The next day she let us know that he is much better and that he was recovering very quickly. That is our God – He is the Name above every name and COVID has a name and will therefore have to bow before the power of our Lord Jesus, nothing can stand against Him! We prayed for two friends of my sister-in-law, who were both in bed with COVID. Yesterday she showed me a text that the lady sent to her, saying that she felt warmth rising through her body when we prayed for their healing and immediately knew that she was healed.
We serve a God that heals and in this time of worry and fear about this pandemic, know that God is alive, He never sleeps, He is always working and He wants you to turn to Him. He is the answer to every trial you may face. Let us live for Him every day, not just when the going gets tough. Let Him work through you to reach those who don’t live for Him yet, and bring them into His kingdom, where we all find peace and joy in the midst of all the evil. The darkness cannot stand against the Light of Jesus Christ!

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