He said his wrists were really healed!

He said his wrists were really healed!

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The Holy Spirit led me to go to Springfield, MO this weekend. We met and had fellowship with a very dear family and then went out to pray for people. What a night! God set up so many people who were open to hearing the gospel. No one repented but much seed was sown. God gave me a word of knowledge about the ankle of a young man named Dante. We prayed and he said it felt better. I shared Jesus with him and then his friends came and “rescued” him. He was really listening. Then we went to pray for a janitor at the mall and Jesus healed arthritis in his wrists! He said they felt better and that his finger had stopped popping. We shared Jesus and gave him our contact info. Later he came over to us and said his wrists were really healed! I was able to lead him a more through gospel message and he said he would call us. When we met up with the rest of the disciples the Spirit was so stirred up that Tyler decided we should go preach outside the mall! We went out and took turns preaching to the people in the parking lot. I have never done that before! Neither had my brother Austin. The mall police came but they just stood there and watched. God is amazing!

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