Bring true revival to your town.

Bring true revival to your town.

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We have tons of supernatural testimonies. We also just finished our own Luke 10 journey from California to New Hampshire and back. We aren’t done yet. We do kickstarts, street evangelism, house church anything and everything. Have experience will travel. We are here to serve and minister out of the love of Jesus through the Holy Spirit power. We have enjoyed seeing multiple people touched by God, having deliverance, healing, baptism in water and Spirit. We have gotten to work with so many amazing disciples all over America. We love to serve and fellowship. We live only to serve Christ. Currently, roaming Northern California to bring revival to the dead (one soul at a time) in every city Jesus wants to go to. Freedom, healing, Salvation, deliverance in Jesus Name. Our favorite thing is to see people set free and get the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We are His Temple. He does the work. We love you and bless you. Please contact us let us help. Let us kickstart you or help you bring others near you together for your own house church gathering and fellowship.

Bring true revival to your town. Get born again of water and Spirit and get ready to meet the King. Amen 🙌 ✝ 🕊 👑 👑 👑 Glory to God

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The Last Reformation: The Beginning | Slovak


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Mnoho vecí, ktoré dnes vidíme v cirkvi, je založených na niečom inom ako len na Novom zákone. Často stoja na Starom zákone, tradícii, zvyklostiach v cirkvi a na pohanstve. Je preto veľmi dôležité, aby sme sa my ako Boží ľud pozastavili, bližšie sa pozreli na dnešnú cirkev a porovnali ju s prvou cirkvou, o ktorej môžeme čítať v Biblii. Ak máme uspieť v úlohe činiť učeníkov zo všetkých národov, potom sa potrebujeme navrátiť k „modelu“, ktorý nachádzame iba v Biblii.