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We as a family, are in these days planning another road trip across America!  Four months ago we did a road trip across America where we, in one and a half months, drove 10,500 miles, baptized 250 people, saw many fellowships start, saw many people healed and set free, and shared the Gospel with thousands!  

That road trip we did four months ago was simple!  We just jumped in a car, drove across America, and met people, connected with people, and did meetings wherever we went!  This experience was so amazing that we are now doing another road trip across America!  

This time we will drive even further than last time!  On the 11th of August we are driving out from Orlando and we will be back on the 2nd of October!  In this time, we will have had meetings in Tennessee, South Dakota, Montana, Washington state, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Texas!  We are so excited to see what God is going to do on this trip!  

You can do the same!  We can all do it!  Maybe it doesn’t need to be the whole way from one end of America to the other!  It also doesn’t need to be the big meetings with many people!  It can just be going out and sharing Jesus with people you meet out there!  Missions don’t need to be so difficult!  It doesn’t need to be so planned!  It doesn’t need to be so organized!  

What we experienced four months ago just created a taste in us for more, and therefore we are planning another trip similar to the last one!  Are you, these days, living out there where we will be traveling?  We encourage you to follow online and come and meet us!  Come and join us!  You can see more on  As soon as the meetings are set up, we will put them on there. 

But I want to encourage all of you out there – make your own missions trip!  If people don’t invite you, invite yourself!  This is what we are doing also sometimes!  We knew a family in Montana so we said, “We will come!” And then they know somebody who has a place, and we will plan and put up a meeting there!  Sometimes there will be twenty, sometimes thirty, sometimes a hundred!  It’s not about the size!  It’s about the mission Jesus has given us!

So I want to encourage you – if it’s only for going to one state, and it’s only to meet one family, then do it!  Take a missions trip!  Take your family!  Jump in a car!  Go to another country!  Find some people who are longing for more of Jesus and then share Jesus with them!  Yes, missions don’t need to be so difficult!

Besides this, I’m so happy to announce that we are also going to get the Word to countries outside America, especially to Spanish-speaking nations!  We have just launched a new YouTube channel, in Spanish, with a lot of new amazing videos and teachings!  We have also translated our website into Spanish, and so many more things are going to come out to the Spanish-speaking nations!  You can see more about in our TIEMPO PARA LOS PAÍSES DE HABLA HISPANA – TIME FOR THE SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES video.

There are also people who can be reached through the internet!  We can all be part of the mission out there!  Maybe you’re not able to travel outside your country to another country, but you can be part of the mission by sharing videos, using the internet, sharing the movies we have that are free online with people from other countries!  Start to do Skype or Zoom meetings with people out there!  Start to disciple people!  So maybe you cannot physically be present, but God has given us so many amazing tools where we can be part of the great mission  He has given all of us to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

So, I want to encourage you out there – be creative!  Find a way where you can get the Word out there and then go for it!  It could be a small trip in the car to a  neighboring state or a neighboring country!  It can be through YouTube and videos and other things!  You can also support the ministry of those who are out there!  You’re welcome to support us or other ministries out there who are doing amazing work in getting the Gospel out there!  

I just encourage you – be part of the mission!  Be part of getting the Word out there!  It’s more joyful to give than to receive!  And this is true when we talk about Jesus!  So I hope to see many of you who live in America!  And I want to encourage all of you out there – be bold!  Spread Jesus!  Time is short!  Let’s not waste it!

God bless you all out there!

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