Torben’s Update: Jesus Fellowship and problems with the Church

Torben’s Update: Jesus Fellowship and problems with the Church

We need churches! We need fellowships! We need disciple centers! We need places where new believers can be connected, get milk, and grow up to maturity!

The church is God’s idea! It has always been God’s idea! But, the problem with the church is that in many places, it has become so much more than a disciple center – so much more than an equipping place – so much more than a place where new believers come in and grow. Therefore, we need not only try to reform the church as we see it but also new fellowships!

New fellowships have really been on our hearts these last years, and especially this last month as we have started to give out many more teachings about these new fellowships – many more tools to you out there, like the Bible Discovery Groups and the KICKSTART PACKAGE.

The KICKSTART PACKAGE and the Bible Discovery Groups are tools to be used by all of you out there, but we hope it does not end there! We hope it ends up with new Jesus Fellowships, where it keeps growing, and multiplying, and becoming what Jesus wants it to be!

We’ve just had an amazing week in Georgia, at a camp there, where we saw God do amazing things! Some of you already read about one of the miracles we saw – a woman who was blind in one eye and had cancer in her brain and couldn’t walk. Outside Walmart, Jesus healed her! Her eyes popped open, the pressure in her brain was gone, and she could walk! This is a beautiful, beautiful testimony! She walked down in the water and was baptized and received a new life! The day after, her husband came and got born again because he could not deny the miracle that had just happened!

While we were in Georgia, we had time to meet with teams – friends traveling around America, helping to set up new fellowships! We had time to sit down and record five new videos which will come out these next days, where we talk about leadership, problems in fellowships, traveling ministries, the five-fold ministry, and how together, we can help each other build the church JESUS wants us to build – a church which can stand STRONG in the End Times – a church that doesn’t close down when corona and restrictions are coming, but a church which can stand STRONG and SURVIVE and GROW when all this is happening!

We are very excited about the tools you see in this newsletter, such as the KICKSTART PACKAGE! We’re very excited about the paper we gave out about the Bible Discovery Groups! We’re very excited about the new teaching coming out these next weeks!

Follow more on our website! Follow more on the links here – and we invite you all out there to be part of what God is doing – to be part of seeing New Testament Jesus Fellowships start – to be part of reforming old traditional churches!

If you are out there and need help starting a new Jesus Fellowship – or doing the KICKSTART PACKAGE or the Bible Discovery Groups – or if you already have a church and need help reforming it and starting to see fruit- then reach out to us! Let us help you! Let us know what we can do!

In this newsletter you see here, you find much more information – links to resources – links to videos – links to a website called Jesus Fellowships – all of this is for you out there! Please take it! Please use it and help us to see the Kingdom of God grow!

We are very excited about this! This is the future, and this is something we need! And for all of you out there who have been to a TLR school or have been to a Kickstart, I really recommend that you also take these things as well because we believe it’s going to be so good and helpful!

God bless you all out there! Much more about this later!

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