Family On A Mission

Family On A Mission

the harvest is ready

now is the time

It is just amazing what God is doing! All over the world families are starting to live this life we read about in the Bible. And that’s for you too!

God wants you to share the Gospel to those around you, to heal the sick, to cast out demons, to baptize people in your bathtub. No matter what your situation is, no matter your age, no matter where you come from or in what type of church you are: it is time to obey God’s Word and see the fruit He wants us to have in our lives.

THIS is the normal christian life! DON’T be deceived.

See the videos on this page.  Discover the stories of these different families and how God used them all in a unique way!

Be inspired, be provoked. It is your life. It is your decision. What do you want? The “normal” church life? Or the normal Christian life the Bible tells about.

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You can do the same

on the road with the Gospel

In this video, you hear Marcel and some of the other people tell about how it was for them, to just take rvs, trailers, cars, and then head out there on the road, going from place to place to share the Gospel! Later, we will come out with more videos of other groups who are starting to do the same!

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god is leading and providing

following jesus with 4 kids

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7 years ago Robbert and his wife Evelyn decided to take a leap of faith to leave their jobs and careers behind, trusting God to provide for them and lead them further. In this video Robbert shares what happened since then and the things they learned.

from "normal christian" to

80 people baptized in 2.5 years

This is the story of the Werfelmann family. They had been in church for many years and loved Jesus in their own way. They went to church, loved drinking, loved sitting at home talking about people, all without fruit in their life. They were deceived, like millions of others. But after seeing one of our videos a transformation was sparked that ultimately made them sell all they had and move as missionaries to Montana. Why? Because they heard the voice of God and obeyed it!

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hundreds healed and baptized

retired to do ministry

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This is the story of our good friends John and Eva, who had been in church for many, many, many years. But they were frustrated like many others out there, because what they saw in church didn’t line up with what they read in the Bible. One day, they found the online Pioneer School, and they kickstarted themselves! It was the start of a complete new life in Christ. This is what God can do in people’s lives when they are willing to be used!

how to live this life

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l'Ultima riforma in italia

Chi ti vede visitare il nostro sito web dalla Svizzera. Anche lì abbiamo un team dedicato di gente del posto che è appassionata di avvicinarti a Dio.

Want to know how to live this life too?

You will love this video! Just try to see the first minute, and you will want to see more! This everyday life led by the Holy Spirit is also for you!

Two Filipino sisters
Eunice wrote a testimony.