Can you write English? Read this…

We are continuously looking for people who want to help with transcribing the videos on the TLR channel. See the video below to learn more…

To start, please visit our Youtube channel and look for one of the recent videos that has not been transcribed yet.

If you need more help, please get in touch through our contact form.

Help wanted: Translate a video to your language…

Our Youtube channel reaches many people around the world. It has over 70.000 subscribers and millions of views! We want to reach the whole world with these life-changing videos! You can help  by adding subtitles to our videos in your language.

How can I help?

Translate a movie

Many people hear about TLR for the first time through one of our movies. These movies have been translated to 30+ languages by volunteers. Is the movie not available in your language yet? You can make a difference and reach many people by giving time to this work.

How can I help?

Help wanted: translate the TLR map

We want to turn people into followers of Jesus! Therefore we link to the TLR Map on many of our videos so they can connect to people close and get activatated. The idea is to make the map accessible to the whole world. You can help by translating the map in your language.

How can I help?