English Subtitlers

We are seeking video Transcriptionists and Subtitlers. You have good English skills, and you are willing to help us in captioning and subtitling our video content.

How can I help?

Translate the TLR map

The TLR Map is a great tool for people to connect. It has been build is such way, that people get to see it in their own language, when that is available. Please help with translating the map in your own language.

How can I help?

Translate a movie

Many people hear about TLR for the first time through one of our movies. These movies have been translated to 30+ languages by volunteers. Is the movie not available in your language yet? You can make a difference and reach many people by giving time to this work.

How can I help?

Translate a Youtube video

The TLR Youtube channel reaches many people around the world. It has close to 60.000 subscribers. To make the videos as accessible as possible to viewers all over the world, we’ve made it very easy to add subtitles to our videos. Please help us to write subtitles in your language.

How can I help?