God is doing amazing things all over Europe right now. ūüôŹ

An impression of the PTS school in The Netherlands. You will learn to be bold, go out and pray for the sick, share the gospel and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit.

What students wrote us about the PTS:
“It has been the greatest and most practical experience ever in my life with Jesus so far, and that within 3 weeks only :-))!!…coming back to the very simple and real gospel with all its normal! signs… Absolutely amazing…” -Heike

“It was a great time and I can say that it was the best 3 weeks in my life. Me, my wife and my 2 children (youth) grew a lot and we had a good time there. We all also had a short period of personal challenge according to our spiritual life, but we could overcome it, even with the help of the staff and the other disciples.” -Torsten

“It was a great experience. The teachings were good and we got more details about the topics of the online Pioneer School. The opportunity to go to the streets every day was also really useful to get more and more experience. To put the teachings into practice during the kickstart weekend on the second weekend was a great chance. I really enjoy the Luke 10 mission at the end of the school where we could step out in faith. I think this is a really good mix of the theory and the practice and everybody can grow in that area where he/she has to.” -√Āron

“It was a big experience, emotionally and even intellectually. I felt challenged to share my faith, and was happy to meet amazing brothers and sisters who love Jesus and want to live fully for him. The fellowship we lived together in the white house was beautiful. The program and all the organization were good, we had time to think, pray, rest, serve God, learn to know one another. I could understand better the theology of TLR, ask my questions, see how they practice baptism, how they share their faith.” -No√©mi

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