Wake Up America – Press Release For Upcoming New Hampshire Tent Revival – August 13, 2020

Wake Up America – Press Release For Upcoming New Hampshire Tent Revival – August 13, 2020
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It’s time to stand up for our freedom and for the truth! Many of you have already heard that there have been many things written and said about our tent revival here in New Hampshire. We believe it’s time for us to share truth in order to counteract all the lies and persecution and fake news out there.

In this video, Torben Sondergaard speaks with Florida attorney, Leesha Newkirk, who states that she has never experienced anything like what has been happening these last few days.

Join us LIVE tonight, and join us here in New Hampshire if you can!

We want to invite everyone who has questions and concerns to join us tonight at 7:00pm at 829 Turnpike rd New Ipswich New Hampshire.

Example of the lies will be shared tonight at the public meeting where we will also address some of the lies when it comes to our faith and practice.

You can follow online tonight, where you can also ask questions.

This meeting will be streamed LIVE on Facebook and YouTube, where residents of New Hampshire will be able to get answers to their questions and concerns.

Here are some examples of the fake news out there:

8/5/2020 12:28:38 PM

“This isn’t about their freedom of religion,” Cecelia Long said. “It’s about our freedoms too. Pray to Jesus at home. Have the tent thing when this is all over. Other groups are canceling, and I find it reprehensible they won’t, and wont even take precautions.”
This is strictly about our religious freedoms. The statement that we “won’t even take precautions” is false. In actuality, we are taking the necessary precautions in order to reasonably comply with the Governor’s order.
NBC Boston
By Katherine Underwood • Published August 12, 2020
For New Ipswich Town Administrator Scott Butcher, welcoming hundreds of visitors amid a pandemic is tough. And it’s even tougher when those visitors refuse to take the necessary precautions. “They made it clear to us and to the Attorney General’s office that they were not planning to wear masks or social distance,” Butcher said in an interview Wednesday.
First of all, attendees are typically local residents from the surrounding areas. Attorney Newkirk has spoken with the Attorney General’s office directly on several occasions, detailing how we are indeed implementing the reasonable and necessary precautions according to orders and guidelines.

Boston Herald
By RICK SOBEY | Boston Herald
PUBLISHED: August 12, 2020 at 6:11 p.m.
The event organizer, The Last Reformation, has indicated to N.H. officials that they won’t practice coronavirus safety protocols — and will not wear masks or social distance while in the area, New Ipswich Selectmen Chair David Lage said on Wednesday.
TLR has never stated that we won’t practice safety protocols. To the contrary, TLR has spoken with the Attorney General’s office regarding all the protocols we are and will be implementing, in compliance with regulations.

New Hampshire August 14-23

TLR Big Tent Revival Meetings In New Ipswich, NH – Fri, Aug 14 – Thu, Aug 20


Mobile Pioneer Training School
Sat, Aug 15 – Sun, Aug 23


TLR Kickstart Weekend in New Ipswich
Fri, Aug 21 – Sun, Aug 23


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