Torben Updates: Lady took VAX got sick, NOW HEALED by JESUS!

Torben Updates: Lady took VAX got sick, NOW HEALED by JESUS!
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Hello everyone, out there! I hope you are all doing good! We are sending this newsletter out from Dallas, Texas, and we are doing our next Kickstart there on our road trip. We are now on our way back to Florida, but we still have a few Kickstarts to go on the way.

It has been beautiful in so many ways, and God has been speaking to us. We have so many testimonies to share! One of them is from the other day where a friend and I had a fascinating talk. I felt it was prophetic. We talked about how we, in these end times, because of COVID, and because many are becoming very sick from the vaccine – people will flock to the CHURCH – especially those who are becoming sick from the vaccine because they’ve been disillusioned and now have mistrust and are skeptical of the hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry!

Where do they go? Where do they go to get help? Do they go back to the hospital where they got the shot and where they became sick? Where do they now seek help?

So we talked about this: we will see that people would seek Jesus – people will seek God in big numbers as we’ve never seen before! A few hours later, we were out on the beach, and a woman came to me. She had become very, very sick four months before, after getting the second vaccine shot. She had been in and out of hospitals, and she was so depressed that she wanted to commit suicide. She had no strength in her body. She had pain, and she went into a deep, deep depression. But there, out on the beach, she got healed! She got set free, and then she got baptized to Christ and received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues! It was a very, very beautiful moment, and it happened just a few hours after we talked about what God will do!

So I feel this video, in many ways, is a prophetic video, and also may be the first video out of many, if they allow us to share them on YouTube and Facebook, of course! But I encourage you to see the video here.

Besides this video, it has been an amazing road trip! What I remember most from this road trip is not the meetings but the everyday experience. Like this really powerful video, if you have not seen it yet, where we went to Chick-Fil-A to get a sandwich and something to drink, and we ended up baptizing a whole household of four people. And they are really on fire today! It is so beautiful to see how God just came into this household.

This video also represents what we’re trying to say to everyone out there about finding a person of peace and seeing the whole household saved! I really encourage you – this is for you – this is for all of us out there!

It’s what I’ve written about in my book, THE CALL OF JESUS. You can find that at the link here (together with a whole video series where we talk about what Jesus has called us to).

I encourage you all out there – live the life! Find a person of peace and see what you saw here in the video. It is truly beautiful!


We have also started a new video series that is very different than every other one. It was an idea I got on this road trip suddenly when I was driving the car and praying – that I should do a series that would be very PRACTICAL – “HOW TO” – “HOW TO.” There have been four videos already – HOW TO SET PEOPLE FREE – HOW TO HEAL THE SICK – HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD – and the last one is HOW TO SPEAK IN TONGUES. It’s different than the other videos because it’s a very practical video where I come with very practical advice.

We also have videos with doctrines we encourage people to see – for example, FIGHTING FOR THE TRUE GOSPEL – but I saw that there was a need to get this video series out, where it’s more practical. Have you not seen it? I think it will bless you and the people around you because this is something that’s really needed in the body, and we’ve gotten an amazing response already from people saying this is some of the best teachings they’ve ever heard, and how it has blessed them, opened their eyes, and helped them to live this life Jesus has for us!

For all of you out there, I want to encourage you – STAY STRONG! SEEK JESUS! We are living in a very interesting time, and I don’t think it will be easy – the time we are going into – but I’m sure it will be powerful, and we will see God’s hand like we’ve never seen it before!

So STAY STRONG! PRESS INTO HIM! FILL YOURSELF WITH THE WORD OF GOD and start to OBEY JESUS’ WORDS in the small things like finding a person of peace and sharing Jesus wherever you are! And then be ready for what God is going to do!

So, a big blessing to all of you out there! Thank you all for your prayers and support! We will be back in Florida at the beginning of October, after the Kickstarts in Phoenix, Dallas, and a new one we are just setting up in Arkansas. I know there are many more things going on all over Europe, like our friends who are doing a Kickstart in Romania, and other places!

I want to encourage you out there – go to and remember that there’s things going on all over the place! God bless you all!

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