We want to go to the homes. It’s time to obey Jesus’ Word in Luke 10, and see whole households saved.

The last several days we’ve been in different homes here, near the new Jesus Center in North Carolina.

A few days ago, a girl came by here. A friend prayed for her, and she got healed and set free. Then they went to her home. More people came, heard the Gospel, and got healed and set free. Yes, one also got baptized in water. One of those who got healed that day came here the day after, and got baptized in water and received the Holy Spirit. This is now growing!

Yesterday, we went to another house in another city and it was amazing. We shared the Gospel and there was healing, deliverance, baptism in water, and several got baptized with the Holy Spirit. I prayed for the wife of the house one time, and she got set free and received the Holy Spirit. This was in the kitchen. The Holy Spirit came over her strong and she fell down and got set free and filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking loudly in tongues. It was very beautiful! I love when it happens like this in homes – just like we read about in the Bible.

I love it! This is how it should be! This is how a house meeting should be.

We really want to come out more like this. If you are living near the new Jesus Center (Near Hickory North Carolina) and want to gather people in your home, then let us know! We will also send students from the new school we’re starting in a few weeks.

Big blessings,

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