There is a big difference between just coming to Church and living a Holy Spirit life as a disciple.

Brooke was religious without knowing God. One day she met Justin at a bar and she got pregnant. There they stood – not in love – waiting a baby together…

This became the beginning of a life together where he later started to seek God and he even studied at a baptist seminary. But it was first when she got a strong encounter with God and received the Holy Spirit things really started to change.

When she received the Holy Spirit was she because of her religious mindset not sure if this really was from God. But then she saw in the Bible that this was what was written. But after this everything started to changes.

She now had the Holy Spirit and started to see amazing things. He didn’t have the Spirit yet but only a bible degree and it was not easy for their marriage.
But then…

Listen to this amazing testimony of not only how their life got total changes by God but also have they have seen many around them experience the same live and freedom. Today they are living the amazing life as we read in the book of acts. A life everyone is called to live!