Our map at www.TLRmap.com is a huge blessing! We are constantly hearing testimonies of people watching our movies, going to our map and finding someone nearby to help them experience what they saw in the movie.

Here’s a video a friend shared from a family that was religious but not yet born again. They saw the movie and it really touched them and they too wanted this life with Christ; they wanted to be born again.

They did what many others do, going to www.TLRmap.com and contacting a person near them. This time it was a green dot named Pierre. They met and what happened you’ll see here.

This family is so on fire for God now! They got a new life and it is beautiful.

You can do the same. Jesus died for you. If you want to be born again or get kickstarted or need prayer, check out our map. Go find someone near you who can help, or even add yourself to the map to be available to help others!

Help us caption & translate this video!