We traveled out this weekend to a ministry in Brooklyn, New York to train and equip the disciples there, who we had prayed for, and ALL who were prayed for were healed!!!

Then, Sunday morning, we drove over to a Hospital in Queens, and there we were allowed access (before visiting hours) to pray for a young man who was there (who we had visited and prayed for the day before) who is battling a serious medical condition. We were pleased to see that there was a noted improvement to his condition this morning when we went back to visit him.

Having noticed the improvement from the day before, one of the nurses on staff (who had been suffering severe back problems with her spine, with several herniated discs), approached me and asked if I would pray for her, so I prayed for her, and she was instantly healed!!!

Word quickly spread amongst all the other nurses on the floor and suddenly nurses (from all directions) were coming out of the woodwork, being brought to us by other nurses for prayer, and ALL were healed!!!

It was AMAZING!!!