Many are trying to live a new life but something is missing – The problem is not God, it is them. Or it is the lack of understanding of the gospel.

Read this and see the short video from yesterday.

More and more people are getting to experience God and a new life.

There are many hungry people out there. People who are seeking the truth and who love Jesus. But they can not change themselves . They are either struggling with sins or can not receive the Holy Spirit.

I have met hundreds of those who have been in church for years but something is missing.

When I sit down with someone who really wants God but it is like God is not coming.
Then I know that God is not the problem. God wants to change peoples’ lives . He wants to come with his Holy Spirit and dwell in them.
The problem is not God, it is them.
Or it is the lack of understanding of the gospel.

Yesterday I met some people who love Jesus and really want God to change their lives but nothing was happening.
They have got baptized, still nothing was happening.
They were trying to worship God, but something was missing.
They were trying to live the new life free from sin but couldn’t.
But then I took the time to share the gospel about repentance. What repentance really is and what it isn’t. I took the time to share about what it was that Jesus did on the cross and what they now needed to do.
When they understood that and repented and got baptized “again” God came with his spirit as promised.

It is the same every time.
The family in this video just wrote this:

“Hi Torben. Yes you can share the video.
We want to thank you so much for yesterday. What an incredible experience. We are so happy we were able to meet you and receive so much guidance. God bless you!”

Yesterday God came and washed them clean and filled them with his Holy Spirit.

It is so sad how many churches don’t preach the gospel anymore. It is not like they don’t try but their lack of understanding of the gospel and compromise when it comes to sin and repentance result in people not getting born again. Or they don’t take the time to do it.
You can not share the gospel in 5 min in the end of a meeting.
Now we have millions out there who are trying to live the disciple life of Christ but where the new birth is missing.

Let’s help people and churches to understand and preach the gospel.
Take the time to study the full gospel.
Don’t compromise or try to be nice by not talking about the real problem there ; sin.

You will just make it worse. But share it with love as it is and help them to understand what they need to do. For if they do what they need to do I am sure God will do what he has promised. And that is; to come and dwell in them by his Holy Spirit.

Here you can see the video from yesterday. Today another couple is coming to hear the gospel and to get a new life. 🙂

Here is a video where I share the gospel with the new gospel cards we have done:

Try see the online Pioneer school here where I use many lessons to explain what they gospel is.


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