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What is it?

It´s a great honour to announce this new ‘Luke 10 School’.

This school is for those of you who are already an active, obedient disciple and servant of Jesus Christ. This school will be hosted at the new Jesus Center in Denmark by Torben Sondergaard, and the team working with The Last Reformation.

We believe that we are all first and foremost called as disciples of Christ to obey Jesus and spread the Gospel, to make disciples, but we also see that God has given specific gifting, like apostles, evangelists, shepherds, teachers and with the gift of helping, giving and other things. We believe that it is time for us all to grow in our different giftings to be able to build the kingdom of God. On this new Luke 10 school we will help to lay a foundation when it comes to obeying Jesus as a disciple of Christ, and we will also help to build you up in the function that God has given you. We will spend a lot of time together in fellowship.

The first 3 weeks you will attend a Pioneer Training School where we lay the foundation. After that we will go deeper into how to continue this life and how to disciple people.

Do you long to live for Christ, and be used with the gift God has laid down in you, and serve together with others in building the kingdom of God? Then watch this video and sign up. See you in September!

How much does it cost (incl. accommodation, food and teachings) ?

The costs for the whole 3 months are

  • €2400 per single person
  • €4200 per married couple
  • €1200 for children between 8-18 years of age
  • €400 for children between 2-7 years of age
  • Free for children under 2 years of age

(Additional costs will occur for those who choose to travel extra within the 3-months program, eg. Kickstart weekends in other countries)

When does it take place?

  • Start: September 3rd 2018
  • End: December 2nd 2018
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