Luke 10 School

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This Luke 10 school has been canceled.

What is it?

Do you want to live the life of a disciple and been used in a new way? Then this school is something for you.

Have you watched the online Pioneer School?
Have you seen our movies?
And do you long for living this life and be used by God?

This school will be hosted at the Jesus Center in Denmark.

First and foremost we are called as disciples of Christ to obey Jesus and spread the Gospel in order to multiply and live an active life in His Kingdom. God has given the body of Christ specific giftings: apostles, evangelists, shepherds, teachers and prophets. It is time for us all to grow in our different giftings to be able to build the Kingdom of God and equip the Saints. On this Luke 10 school we will help you with that.

In the first week we will get to know each other. After that you will participate in a PTS school, teachings, outreaches, kickstarts and more.

Do you long to become better equipped to live for Christ, and be used with the gift God has laid down in you, and serve together with others in building the Kingdom of God? Then watch this video and sign up.

See you in May!

When does it take place?

  • Start: May 6th 2019
  • End: July 14th 2019


The costs for the whole 2 months are (incl. accommodation, food and teachings)

  • €1600 per single person
  • €2800 per married couple
  • €800 for children between 8-18 years of age
  • €270 for children between 2-7 years of age
  • Free for children under 2 years of age

Travelling costs

From June 5th – June 15th we offer the possibility to join an outreach to Israel!

The additional costs for joining this outreach will be € 1250 (4 pers. per room).
Supplement for a double room will be € 180 and for a single room € 380. All prices and supplements are per person.

Plane tickets from Denmark to Israel (Ben Gurion Airport) are not included.

For the people who are not attending the Israel outreach there will be outreaches in Europe as well.

(Also for traveling extra within Europe additional costs can occur within the 2-months program, eg. Kickstart weekends in other countries)