Is it a ministry? Or a movement? Or..? In this video, Torben, Reino, Ilze and Jon talk about what God has put on their heart for TLR.

We love God and want to see a reformation of the church and a movement that is spreading all over the world. Torben: “We see The Last Reformation as a big arrow that is breaking through a lot of strongholds and traditions. It also deals with a lot of lies in doctrine about salvation and discipleship. We can only keep breaking through if we maintain a high standard as TLR. This is the only way we will continue to see this movement spread.”

Let’s see the kingdom grow no matter what it’s named. But for you that feel called to work more within TLR and help us to create the movement that is changing the world let’s work together. Lets make our Lord and savior Jesus proud and do what He has called us to.