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Kickstart weekend in Aalborg

Come to the Jesus Hotel in Denmark to be trained.

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You will be trained and activated (kickstarted) to step out in faith: healing the sick, preaching the Gospel, baptizing in water and in the Holy Spirit and making disciples. You will receive solid bible-teaching, but we will also go out on the streets in small groups and ‘kickstart’ you.

In the Book of Acts, we read that God was using ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The church was growing fast and believers were being filled with the Holy Spirit, and the disciples preached, healed, delivered, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.

The apostle Paul emphasizes the importance of acting in (supernatural) power:
‘My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.’ (1 Cor 2:4-5, NIV)

This was the ‘normal Christian life’ for a disciple of Jesus Christ. Is this kind of life still for today? Are we as disciples of Jesus still called to do these same ‘Acts’?

Yes! We believe this is still for today and for every believer who wants to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus.

The program

In this 3-day hands-on seminar you will learn about discipleship. The teachings will be very practical and will include going out on the streets in small groups together with members of the Pioneer Training School-team.

The costs

We try to keep the cost down, so everyone can attend. We only ask you to help us cover our basic expenses, The price for this seminar is 40 euros for the whole weekend, and includes breakfast and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The teachings and rest of the seminar are free, and we therefore encourage everyone who are blessed by this ministry to spend a gift to the work. As a ‘thank you’ we would like to bless you with a gift from us. You can choose one of the three books “The Last Reformation”, “Christian, disciple or slave” or “Sound Doctrine” for free.

We look forward to seeing you here – and His kingdom grow!

Address: Rundvejen 6A, 9000 Aalborg – Denmark

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A video of  training in healing on the street

David Bassano first day

Davide Bassano is attending our training school. He had never seen a healing before, so Robbert Dam discipled him in on the first day of the training and changed that.We have already had baptism in water and Holy Spirit, people set free, healings, words of knowledgde, fellowship and much more straight from the Book of Acts!Do you want this life? Sign up for training school:

Posted by The Last Reformation on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A video with testimonies from our Saturday evening meeting

Kickstart weekend at the Jesus Hotel in Denmark

Our kickstart weekend is over and it was REVIVAL!! A large number of people from 29 nations got touched by the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ - they got trained and experienced the new birth, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the baptism in water, healing and deliverance and the joy that comes with all of that! They return home as changed people - and they themselves brought change to people in Aalborg by sharing the gospel and the power that comes with it.Do you want this life also? Then signup for one of our kickstart weekends: Or find disciples near you on the world map on

Posted by The Last Reformation on Sunday, September 6, 2015

5 year old knee pain healed on the street

Street healing: 5 year old knee injury, two operations and bro...

"Are you for real?!" - pain for 5 years gone! :DHerman met a girl with 5 years of knee pain after an injury followed by two operations. She also had pain after having a broken bone in the hand. Watch Herman demonstrate simple discipleship by doing, what Jesus asked us to do: heal the sick and preach the gospel.Share this and let us know what you think! :)Learn more at: www.thelastreformation.comAll the glory to Jesus.Blessings,Jon Bjarnastein, Torben Sondergaard, Robbert Dam & André Jao and the rest of The Last Reformation team

Posted by The Last Reformation on Sunday, August 16, 2015