We just had an amazing evening in New Jersey. Just four days ago, we announced I would have a one-evening meeting here, and over 100 people came to the meeting! Wow! Something big is happening. Many were already so thankful for how their lives have been changed through TLR and our movies. It’s really beautiful what God is doing here in America, and all over the world. I’m just amazed seeing how big this is. Every place we go, we meet thankful people, and people who are on fire, and longing for more.

Yesterday we also saw many healed, set free, and baptized with the Holy Spirit. Many people are now connected with each other, and new fellowships are starting. We’ve already planned to come back here in a few months to do a 3-day meeting, where we will talk more about how we can build New Testament fellowships, continue this life, and keep growing.

See this video, where a woman tell how her life was completely changed, and how the Holy Spirit came in twenty seconds. You can experience the same. This life is for everyone!

Big blessings!
– Torben

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