Christianity started in Israel, as a living body of believers who were led by the Holy Spirit, and who saw many amazing, supernatural things. It started as a body, and then came to Greece and became a philosophy. It’s still a philosophy for many people today, where Jesus is just a philosopher – only One among many.

It then came to Rome and became an institution. It is still this for many today, too, but this life is not just something you do and live out in a building on Sunday morning.

It came to the rest of Europe and became a culture, and this is what I grew up in. I was deceived, as many are today. They see Christianity as a culture you grow up in, and are “Christian” because that is what everyone else around them is.

It came to America and became a business. The church, in many places today, is a franchising business, just like McDonald’s and Burger King. But if you make a business out of a body, this is prostitution. Jesus is not coming to get a prostitute, but a clean bride.

Make sure you are not deceived, seeing Christianity as a philosophy, institution, culture or business.

Make sure you live with Christ, like you read in the Bible, in the book of Acts.

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