Guard your heart… also when it comes to Donald Trump (no – I am NOT joining politics)

Guard your heart… also when it comes to Donald Trump (no – I am NOT joining politics)
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Trump Rally in Orlando

A week ago we went to a Trump Rally in a Orlando. We have heard so much about it and now we where here we just wanted to see for ourselves. We are not American and we can’t vote so it was not for a politic standpoint we where there.

At the rally, we did a small video during prayer and that video have since been seen several hundred thousand times on different platforms. Yes the video really went all over the world.

 `I can say very clear that I am not here to join politics.’

Lots of comments

I have since received a lot of comments on my Facebook or private about this. Yes several have even contacted my friends asking about where they think I stand in all of this. If I look at the comments then most are positive, some are concerned about it and again some are just hateful against Donald Trump and they think he is Antichrist himself and think that I am now partnering with Antichrist for going to the rally.

I would like to say something about this.

First to all of you out there that are concerned and worried that I will join politics and really get involved in all of this – I can say very clear that I am not here to join politics. I truly believe that they real change happens in the heart – not by laws but by the gospel and that is my focus.

The gospel is the power to salvation and that our greatest calling is to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ and see people born again and follow Him.

When it comes to Donald Trump then I also like to say that I really respect him for many of the things he is doing. Just think of the abortion laws and the millions of babies that are being saved – just to name one thing amongst others good things he has done. Yes. He have really done some amazing things and I will respect him for that no matter what you think about that.

I know that it can get some people to reacts when I say that I respect him. They will reacts saying “how can you say that. He is a sinner, look at the way he speaks” etc.

To that I like to answer. Yes. I know he is a sinner and I also know about some of the things he has done and said.
But what do we absolutely need to comment his whole life every time someone says anything good about him.
I also see God working in him and I think he is seeking God and I will love to see him born again like everyone else.

We often speaks positively about a family member, colleague or neighbor that also has a bad language or has been married before without needed to confess all there mistakes.

Yes. If you see a good actor on TV or in a movie you don’t have a problem saying something good about what they do without everyone needing to comment every sin they have ever done.

But when it comes to Trump it is almost like if you say anything good about him, then it means that you are accepting everything that he has ever said and done. Try to think about that…..

Some of you out there really needs to check your own heart also when it comes Donald Trump. He is not your enemy – and where do the Bible give you permission to speak so bad about him?

And what if he really was your enemy? What do Jesus then says about what we should do. Jesus said that we should “love our enemies and pray for them”.

It make me sad to see how many sincere Christians out there have so big a hate towards Donald Trump and curse him with their words. Yes. That show that they themselves are not better that the man they are cursing.

I hope you will think about that.

When people react bad about Donald Trump I just want to stand up for him even more. I really feel sorry for that man.

Try to put yourself in his shoes and experience all that hate and fake news that man have to endure. And when then someone then speaks good about him they almost have to apologize for it to everyone else?

I myself have experienced fake news. I have experienced being lied about and put up in very bad light on national TV for everyone to see.
I have seen how it is when people believe what they see in those Fake News and how the media can twist everything. I know how it hurts and how difficult it can be.

So … Yes. Donald Trump speaks bad and reacts in a unbiblical way. But how can you expect anything else from a man that are not filled with the Holy Spirit. A man without being filled by the spirit will not be able to love his enemies like Christ commanded us.
Yes. I don’t expect more for him right now but I do expect more from you, you that are mature and have the spirit in you.

Let’s be a example and do what they Bible say no matters where we stand when it comes to politics.

Let’s pray for Trump and our leaders where we end are. Let’s love him and others around us like the Bible says. Love him as your neighbor or love him as your enemy. That is for you to decide.

When I look at Donald Trump I see a man that God is using and I pray that he like everyone else will fully understand the gospel and follow Jesus as a example in both words and deeds.

Last but not least. Let’s preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the only hope for this world. Let’s pray for a open door to bring the gospel in the White House or every other government building all over the world. And in every school and hospital. Yes wherever people are there is a need for the gospel.

Let’s share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to testimony of his grace.

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