Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2019-10-07T10:53:07+02:00
Do you believe in unity?2018-04-19T15:29:34+02:00

Torben talks about this with a pastor from a church in Switzerland, in the video below.

Another interesting video about the subject of unity.

How can I support TLR financially?2018-04-19T15:29:45+02:00
Why are you against the church?2018-04-19T15:30:32+02:00

A question we hear quite a lot. The short answer is: We are not against the church!

We love the church and we like to see the church blossom. However, we must ask ourselves: what is the church? Is it the building, and the organization behind it, or are it the people? It’s the people, or better said: a fellowship of people (or community). A church is simply a group of believers who are joined together.

However, we believe that the church system, the way most churches work, generally do not produce disciples. This has to change! And whether that change is happening within the current structures or outside… in the end it’s Jesus who builds his church (Matthew 16:18)!

For more on this topic, we recommend the following lesson from The Pioneer School.

This question is also addresses in the video below.

For more information on this subject, we recommend this lesson from The Pioneer School.

Why is there so much focus on the book of Acts?2018-04-19T15:30:37+02:00

Torben answers this question in the video below.

Why should everyone go out on the streets?2018-04-19T15:30:28+02:00

Torben answers this question in the video below.


Why the name LAST reformation?2018-04-19T15:30:41+02:00

The name “The Last Reformation” raises some questions. Why would this proposed ‘reformation’ be the last one? Why would you call a movement “the last reformation”?

It’s good to know a little about the background of this name. It started with a book by Torben Søndergaard, with the name ‘The Last Reformation’. In the book, Torben argues that in the history there have been several reformations and revivals and each time a little more truth was rediscovered. And that this puzzle is almost complete, but not entirely. In the book he sets out the final steps that he still has to put before we can meet another congregation that resembles the first church that we see in the book of Acts.

He had not anticipated that this would lead to a global movement, called The Last Reformation!

Torben himself tells about this name in the video below.

How do I get saved?2017-12-14T20:48:28+01:00

Jesus says we need to be born again to enter the Kingdom of God. This was made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus.

What do you need to do?

Repent from your sins and turn to God. Then be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The testimony video below contains a good explanation of the gospel.

For personal contact, there is a growing network of believers around the world that want to help you. You can find someone near you on the map (click here). Note that this is an open index and we don’t know all these people personally, only the markers that are green.

About healing

Can every believer heal the sick? Does everyone have that gift?2018-04-19T15:30:05+02:00

Torben answers this question in the video below.

Does everyone you pray for get healed?2018-04-19T15:31:26+02:00

No. Although we believe that healing is for everyone, simply because we read this in the Bible. Jesus healed all who came to Him. It was Jesus’ intention that we would look more like Him, more and more. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

In this video, Torben talks about this subject.

Why are you not going to the hospital to pray for the sick?2018-04-19T15:31:12+02:00

That certainly happens! Only in many places, especially in the Western world, this can only be done on invitation, so if someone in the hospital asks for prayer. Occasionally, disciples go to hospitals to pray there for the sick. And with good results! Unfortunately, it’s not always appreciated by staff, making it feel like you’re doing something illegal. Since you are on a private terrain, you are not so free as you are at a public place, like shopping centers.

Taping video in these places is also not so easy, but fortunately, several recordings have been made of this (see the videos below).

Why do you talk so much about physical healing?2018-04-19T15:30:16+02:00

Torben answers this question in the video below.

About baptism in water

Do I need to get baptized again?2018-10-30T09:52:44+01:00

Many people have questions about their baptism. Can I be baptized again? Or: Should I be baptized again?

Some have been baptized as a baby, others at a young age. Let’s see what the Bible says about it. Torben talks about it in the video below.

Is baptism necessary to be saved?2018-05-31T13:57:56+02:00

This is a question we get many times. First, we recommend you to watch the Pioneer School. Many answers you will find in these 20 lessons. Torben addresses this specific question in the video below.

Some people also wonder: but if baptism is so important, how about the robber who hung next to Jesus at the cross? Jesus said to him: ‘You will be with me paradise.’ But he was not baptized? Please watch the video below.

There is a lot of misunderstand when it comes to salvation. This video will help to see where baptism comes in.

See also the lesson of the online Pioneer School episode on baptism: