When they baptized their mom and a spirit manifested, they suddenly saw that this was not the Holy Spirit!

We should not go against the Holy Spirit or put God in a box. But at the same time, we should discern what spirits we are seeing and we are called to cast out demons. Listen to the amazing testimony of Justin and Brooke. How they came from the baptist church and were at that time against the Holy Spirit, because they have put God in a box. But then the received the Holy Spirit and their life got changed. But then they started in charismatics circles where they experience things like being “drunk in the spirit”, “slain in the Spirit” and many other things. They felt something was wrong but because of their background they did not want to make the same mistake and put God in a box.

But then God started to open their eyes and saw that much of what they saw was demonic and something that needed to be cast out. And one day when they baptized Brookes mom, and a spirit manifested they saw this was not God and they cast it out. Now they have seen more that 200 people set free!

We pray that this video will open your eyes and get discernment when it is the Holy Spirit, when it is flesh and when it are demonic spirits.

Let’s serve God in the power of the Holy Spirit, and heal the sick, cast out demons and see life transform.

See the other video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgqgfym67Hg

Torben Søndergaard