We love that many people start their own TLR Facebook group. We have written some guidelines to help the people who started the group to keep the right focus. Read them below.
Please make the administrator of your local TLR group aware of these rules.

Instructions for moderators

  • Write a welcome post to the group that tells the people what the group is for. Tell very short what the purpose of the group is: sharing testimonies, encourage, connect.
  • In the same post, write the rules (see section below for the rules)
  • Pin your post to the top of the group, so people always see it first.
  • If someone violates the rules, delete the post. Write to the person who posted that you’ve deleted the post and that they should observe the rules. If they violate the rules again, consider to remove the person from the group (or give another warning).
  • If someone posts too much, let’s say 80% or 90% of the group postings are done by a single person, please contact this person and kindly ask to change their posting behaviour, because it very often annoys the other members.
  • Make sure there is always a moderator for the group. If you can’t do it yourself, please assign others to this task.

Rules for your TLR Facebook group

Please post these rules in the welcome post that sticks at the top of the Facebook group.

  • Do not post anything of other ministries or churches in this group. See below for explanation.
  • Do not post your own teaching material in this group. See below for explanation.
  • Do not repost Torben’s videos here, unless it’s relevant for e.g. a discussion or because you translated the material. See below for explanation.
  • If your group focuses on non-English speaking area: Encourage people to only post in the native language. Write that posts in other languages may be deleted by a moderator.
  • Encourage people to subscribe to these channels:

Explained: No posting of other ministries / churches

Even though there are many good ministries out there, we’ve added this rule to keep the TLR group moderation simple. With this rule in place, moderators do not have to spend time to look into each ministry and it will avoid discussion about it between members and moderators.

Explained: No posting of own teaching material

We’ve seen people posting their own teaching videos. This has created confusion in the past, when someone teached different things than Torben teaches in the Pioneer School or other videos. Of course, there can also be good teaching, but moderators don’t have the time to watch (long) teaching videos or read long texts to see if they are in line with TLR. Therefore again, to keep it simple for moderators: Do not post your own teaching material in the TLR group. There may be exceptions when someone asks humbly for feedback on their teachings, instead of presenting it as truth.
Also, we don’t want to discourage people to create their own material, but they just have to post it in other places (e.g. their personal Facebook timeline)

Explained: No reposting of Torben or other TLR videos

This rule is simply there to keep the group relevant. The majority of the members of the group will be subscribed to Torben’s / TLR Facebook pages and therefore get the teachings already on their timeline. It’s not helpful to repost them in the group, because it’s blurs the actual purpose of the group: to encourage people to live a life led by the Spirit together and encourage each other, connect, etc.