Yesterday evening, I talked about freedom. I talked about deliverance and how it is so important to forgive.
After that, I demonstrated how we can pray for people. We should not only ask them if they have physical pain but what they need freedom from. A lot of the problem that many people have today is in connection with their parents and bad things that they have experienced.
I took up some people to demonstrate how we can pray and then everyone prayed for each other. A lot of people got set free and it was really beautiful.

Here you seen a young man forgive his parents and get set free from the spirit of anger and hurt.
He then needed to be filled up again, so i prayed for the filling (baptism) of the Holy Spirit.

We can all do this, we should not only pray for physical pain but we also need to pray for freedom and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 🙂

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