What Is Missing In The American Gospel Movie?

Article by Torben Søndergaard Last year, the movie American Gospel: Christ Alone came out, and has since gone viral, bringing forth many discussions, on Facebook, etc. I would like to share something very important about the movie and about the discussions out there. I share this with fear and trembling, knowing this most likely [...]

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How to see family and friends come to Jesus

Many of you out there that love Jesus have family and close friends that are not yet born again. They are not following Jesus and it can be quite hard to witness that. It is really hard to have kids, parents or siblings that are not living with God and are thinking you are [...]

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Pioneer school lesson 23

Torben has released a new lesson. Listen to this challenging message that will help you to read and understand the Bible in the right way. It also will help you to live the life we read about in the Book of Acts.

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Pioneer School lesson 22!

Torben has released a new lesson of The Pioneer School. In this lesson, Torben continues what he started to share in lesson 21, but this time it is more practical. You will see different clips of people who are being set free from demons. It's a very strong lesson, in which Torben will also pray for [...]

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Miracles In Queens New York – The Normal Christian Life

We traveled out this weekend to a ministry in Brooklyn, New York to train and equip the disciples there, who we had prayed for, and ALL who were prayed for were healed!!! Then, Sunday morning, we drove over to a Hospital in Queens, and there we were allowed access (before visiting hours) to [...]

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Luke 10 becomes Pioneer Training School

Alot of things has been happening and it is so amazing to hear all the testimonies from people around the world and from people who have joined our Luke 10 training school. The Luke 10 training school is also growing and because of that we have decided to change the name from 'Luke [...]

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TLR Studio: Kickstarting is powerful!

Torben Søndergaard talks with his guest Robbert Dam about the power of kickstarting. Robbert tells how it impacted his life and the amazing things that happened since he got kickstarted.

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