This is the best sermon that’s being preached right now…. Right now the world is hearing this powerful sermon that’s causing people to examine themselves and see where they have their hope…. Do we have our hope in our health, economy, government or something else? Or is our Hope in Jesus Christ and Him alone?!

Wow! Let’s get shaken, and let’s see what’s not from HIM fall down so that what is HIM can stand firm!!

The world right now is in great fear, and many places we’re seeing big meetings being closed down. You’re only allowed to meet in smaller groups. Wow, what a cocktail! Can you not see that this is an amazing cocktail for revival? If not, then you are blind.

Come on, dear friends! This is really NOT time to be fearful. It’s time to really come in, find your hope in Jesus, and then go and share Him as the Light of this world to your neighbors! It’s time for a great awakening!

If we as the church don’t wake up and grip this movement….. then we’ll give away an opportunity that may never come again!

Please open your eyes and see if what I’m saying is not the truth! Please share this video, and let’s see a revival like never before!!

I am so excited! 😆

Torben Søndergaard