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TLR Studio: God & finances

Torben Søndergaard talks with Michael Clemerson about his experiences with living in faith. Michael trusted God and gave away his car to a friend. He also gave up his job and trusted God for finances. Michaels story is exciting and shows that God is always faithful!

TLR Studio: God & finances2017-03-15T00:36:17+01:00

God restores broken marriage

Simon and Maren were married for 10 years when Simon went into an adulterous relationship with another woman. The divorce papers were already signed, but God intervened in an amazing way!

God restores broken marriage2017-03-15T00:36:21+01:00

Witch family comes to Christ!

See how the kingdom of God is growing in Belgium! In this new episode of TLR Studio we have Meryem from Belgium. Among other interesting things, she shares a powerful testimony of how a lady from a family of witches (for 8 generations!) got born again :) :) and others of the family [...]

Witch family comes to Christ!2017-03-15T00:37:08+01:00

The last reformation in Thailand

Hear about what God is doing in Thailand, and that we need to go away from leadership back to spiritual parents.

The last reformation in Thailand2017-03-15T00:37:01+01:00

“I saw a demon sitting in my chair”

Nikhil from India was addicted to violent video games and one day saw a demon sitting in his chair in front of the computer. He now stays in the Jesus Hotel in Denmark where he disciples people in healing, deliverance and the prophetic. Enjoy his story of the great work God did in [...]

“I saw a demon sitting in my chair”2017-03-15T00:37:30+01:00

Following Jesus requires radical changes

Listen to the testimony of Michael from Australia. He took some very radical steps and literally gave everything away - including his brand new car -  to serve Jesus. See what happens next...

Following Jesus requires radical changes2017-03-15T00:37:38+01:00

Christian.. are you deceived?

I wish that this message will uncover a deceive in our world. A deceive that was brought to the world by religious traditions of God’s word and make a false picture of who God is and what it will say to be a Christian. The truth is no church membership, baptism, confirmation, speaking in tongues [...]

Christian.. are you deceived?2015-08-21T19:34:18+02:00

I was in Hell

During the last year, I (Torben Søndergaard) have had several dreams from God Very strong dreams, with strong messages. Dreams which were later confirmed to be from God, because what I dreamed about happened in real life. On my webside you can hear more about one of these dreams from God and what God [...]

I was in Hell2016-11-28T19:51:31+01:00

We’ve lost touch of the Gospel

The article “We’ve lost Touch of Message” has been published in the Danish Christian newspaper The Challenge. The sad thing is that today it is more about believing in God and not about Jesus Christ and the Cross. But it is not enough if you believe in God. One must believe in Jesus and the [...]

We’ve lost touch of the Gospel2015-10-05T12:30:49+02:00