Are You a Christian? Or Do You Think You’re a Christian?

….Then this message is for you. We’re living in an exciting time right now, where God is bringing His church back to the beginning, back to the life we read about in the Bible. Our three free movies show what that looks like, and is transforming people all over the world!

Are you living the life God wants you to live?

The Last Reformation – The Beginning

Discover how the early disciples lived, as The Beginning takes you back to the Book of Acts. It shows you the true power in the Gospel, and what it means to follow Christ.

The Last Reformation – The Life

This life changing documentary shows the real life of a disciple, led by the Holy Spirit. See whole households transformed by the Gospel. There’s power in the name of Jesus!

The 7 Days Adventure With God

Life is a journey, but with God it should be an adventure! Start yours today, and see things you’ve never seen before. See this life in homes, out on the street, and wherever people are.

God is bringing His church back to the life the early church had – a life led by the Holy Spirit. Will you be part of it as well?

Start here by seeing our movies:

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