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Published on 19 April 2018

The first TLR Jesus Center in the world, is situated in Thisted, Denmark. The TLR Center consists of 7,300 m2/23950 ft2 of buildings and 61,000 m2/15 acres of land. God has opened a great door with this center and there are so many possibilities!

The center was a former boarding school for 130 students. The school went bankrupt resulting in the price dropping lower and lower, so that the price of this huge venue was even cheaper than the price of our former Jesus Hotel in Aalborg, which was much smaller in comparison. The newest building of the center was built for 3.5 million Euros/25 million DKK alone, and this doesn’t include all the equipment and all the other buildings of the school. We were able to purchase all of this for only 600,000 Euros/4.5 million DKK. We know that this place is from God and it is a great blessing!

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