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Casting out demons in the streets

I like to share this teaching with you. I know that God has so much more for us. Let's get it all. Let us not hold back anything. The world is longing to see the power there is in the name of Jesus. 😃 Why do we heal the sick on the street, [...]

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The Kingdom of God in Hong Kong

See people healed, demons delivered and lives changed. Go out and heal the sick, cast out demons and then preach the gospel of Jesus. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. This is the real life This is happening all over right now.

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Holy Spirit falls in Hotel

God is healing and setting people free and then they give it to others. Listen to this amazing testimony about how the Holy Spirit is healing and filling people up. This is revival.

Holy Spirit falls in Hotel2017-04-26T21:54:36+02:00

Amazing story – New lifestyle!

See this beautiful video we have made from our trip to South Africa a few weeks ago. We found a person and followed him the whole weekend and made a video out of it. This gives a better idea of what happens at one of our Kickstart weekends. This is an incredibly strong [...]

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The spiritual world is real. Demons are real. But the power of Jesus and baptism is stronger than anything out there. The kingdom of God is not only words but power. By the blood of Jesus there is FREEDOM. (FROM THE KICKSTART IN NORWAY - Join a kickstart in Denmark or somewhere else) [...]

STRONG BAPTISM – GODS PRESENCE2017-04-05T21:20:24+02:00