Monthly Archives: September 2016

Transgender set free by Jesus!

Powerful testimony of Jessie who repented and then afterwards got a clear revelation that she is a girl and changed her name back from Jayson to Jessie! She now experiences freedom and true LIFE through Jesus Christ!

Transgender set free by Jesus!2017-03-15T00:20:36+02:00

Kingdom of God in Switzerland

Kickstarting is an incredible powerful discipleship tool! It spreads from person to person and this video shows a little how this works :)

Kingdom of God in Switzerland2017-03-15T00:20:39+02:00

Pioneer School lesson 21!

Torben is back after 2,5 years with some extra lessons. This lesson is about demons and how to cast them out.

Pioneer School lesson 21!2017-03-15T00:20:41+02:00