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Torben draws back for a while

God is doing amazing things and it is growing worldwide. New changes take place which will give more time to keep the right focus. Hear how Torben share his heart about this..

Torben draws back for a while2017-03-15T00:20:44+02:00

Rebaptism and demons

Torben talks about being baptized for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time. And also about deliverance during baptism.

Rebaptism and demons2017-03-15T00:20:45+02:00

Kindom of God in Italy

A report from our team that has been in Italy. This time Torben did not join, but other disciples who got trained to do the same as Jesus did: Go around, spread the good news of the Kingdom, heal people, cast out demons and see people get filled with the Holy Spirit. This [...]

Kindom of God in Italy2017-03-15T00:20:48+02:00