TLR Studio: “To be continued!”

Peter Ahlman from Sweden was one of the first persons who got kickstarted in Denmark by Torben. After he went back to Sweden, he did something that not everyone does, after a kickstart. Something really important: he continued!

Effective training in healing

Davide Bassano is attending our training school. He had never seen a healing before, so Robbert Dam discipled him in on the first day of the training and changed that. We have already had baptism in water and Holy Spirit, people set free, healings, words of knowledge, fellowship and much more straight from [...]

TLR Studio: Kickstarting is powerful!

Torben Søndergaard talks with his guest Robbert Dam about the power of kickstarting. Robbert tells how it impacted his life and the amazing things that happened since he got kickstarted.

TLR Studio: God & finances

Torben Søndergaard talks with Michael Clemerson about his experiences with living in faith. Michael trusted God and gave away his car to a friend. He also gave up his job and trusted God for finances. Michaels story is exciting and shows that God is always faithful!